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Hollywood Pinup - Cleo Moore

Cleo Moore had bit roles in A level movies including a memorable bit as Myrna Bowers in the film noir classic "On Dangerous Ground." While grilling her for info on her gangster boyfriend, Robert Ryan checks out the array of perfume on her dresser. "I like to stink myself up" she replies. "Noo-it duh Joy.' It means 'Night of Joy."
She starred in many B-movies with lurid titles like "One Girls Confession", "Thy Neighbors Wife", "The Other Woman" and "Over-Exposed."

Cleo Moore Pinup
Cleo Moore - Queen of the B-Movie Bad Girls

The movies were ok, but the posters and taglines leave the biggest impression. "He couldn't let her alone ... Wait till you feel her Strange Fascination" or better yet Curves, camera and no conscience...that's all she needs to get to the top...shooting the photos no one else dares to take! from Over-Exposed. One Girl's Confession had a field day with the taglines, including "Maybe I'm Bad -BUT WHAT MAKES YOU SO GOOD!" or "I confess I'm the kind of girl every man wants - but shouldn't marry!"

Cleo Moore Pinup
Cleo Moore Cheesecake Photo

Here Cleo shows off the voluptious figure that made her famous in a classic cheesecake style shoot. One of the hallmarks of an pinup photo is the contrived studio sets. With the sand, sea shells and part of a dock, there's everything but a body of water.

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