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Glamour Girls - Jean Muir

Warner Brothers Starlet of the 1930s

The girl from Suffern - suburb of New York City - was born in 1911. After seeing The Merchant of Venice onstage, she know she wanted to become an actress. Warner Brothers signed her in 1933. She starred with Ricardo Cortez, Franchot Tone, George Brent and many times with Warren William. Jean Muirs best know film would 1937's A Midsummers Night Dream, the first Shakespearian adapation to be nominated for an Acadamy Award.

Jean Muir
"The Studio Pest"

Intellegent and inquisitive, Jean wanted to know everything about the happenings of shooting a film. Between that and her work for the Screen Actors Guild union, "Studio Pest" became her nickname. She supposedly hated doing publicity, which would explain the hint of contempt in her eyes while gazing at the camera in this Warner Brothers studio photo. Jean Muir never got the film that would take full advantage of her talents. She eventurally left Hollywood for the stage, with brief sojourns back for The Lone Wolf Meets A Lady (1940) and her final film, The Constant Nynph in 1943. She was set to star in The Aldrick Family, an early television sitcom premiere in 1950. Her next faze of her career was derailed when she was listed in The Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television. She became the first actress to lose her job due to being blacklisted. Jean was devasted and started drinking heavily. She became an alcoholic, so much so she ended up with cirrhosis of the liver. After recovering, she went back to the stage and taught drama at at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.

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