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Born Today - Leslie Brooks

From Hollywood Pinup to Blonde Ice

As virginia Leslie Gettman, she went to Hollywood High School with the likes of Sheila Ryan and Susan Peters. She began as a model and was photographed by George Hurrell. She was orinally billed as Lorraine Gettman. Columbia Pictures signed her to a contract in 1942 and was renamed Leslie Brooks.

Leslie Brooks Was In 3 Rita Hayworth Movies

Seen here with the divine Miss Hayworth in "You Were Never Lovelier," along with Adele Mara. She also had bits in two other Hayworth musicals, "Tonight and Every Night" and "Cover Girl." She had better roles in b crime movies like "The Man Who Dared" and "The Secret of the Whistler." Columbia Pictures dropped her from their roster in 1948.


She had more fun roles in Eagle-Lions "The Cobra Strikes" - has anyone seen this? - and flirted with Paul Henried in the film noir "Hollow Triumph." Her best know role - ICE in her veins - ICICLES on her heart - as the murderious society reporter in "Blonde Ice." After that who wouldn't retire?

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