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Born Today Adele Mara

A popular pinup of the 40s, Adele Mara began her career at 15 as a singer and dancer for Xavier Cugats show.

Adele Mara Fashion Shot

Adele Mara Fashion Shot

Adele is looking very sophisticated wearing not one but two brooches and a jaunty beret.

Adele Mara in Catman of Paris
Catman of Paris

Adele Mara plays Marguerite Duval in Catman of Paris, Republic Pictures answer to Cat People.

Adele Mara as a bride

Always a bride! Adele Mara is lovely in a simple wedding gown.

Adele Mara at Columbia

A brunette at Columbia Pictures and a blonde at Republic photos, Adele Mara was the brightest part of a slew of 1940s crime b-movies.


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