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Glamour Girls - Lola Albright

Sexiest Voice

Everything about Lola was sultry; her trim figure, her sensual manner, but most of all, it was the voice. Her low timbered, bewitching voice was the very defination of sultry.

The Good Humor Man (1950)

Early in her career, Lola Albright starred with future husband Jack Carson in The Good Humor Man, released in 1950. Here are some publicity photos for the movie, in which she demonstates her purported beauty routine. From the blurb on the back of the photo - Smoothing her eyebrows with an eyebrow brush is the finishing touch to her makeup for Lola Albirght, blonde acrress who will soon be seen in Columbia's "The Good Humor Man." The brush romvoes face powder brom the brows as well as keeping the brow line neat and smooth.

Classic Hollywood Glamour Shot

From the back of the publicity photo, shot by photographer Cronenweth. "A soft, pretty skin isn't just accidental, says Lola Albright, who will soon be seen in Columbia's "The Good Humor Man." Miss Albright, like other stars, works at keeping her skin smooth and glowing. After a thorough cleansing she uses a cream applied to throat and face with slight, upward strokes."

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