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Pinups At The Movies - The Unholy Wife

The British Marilyn Monroe goes Hollywood in one of her two films for RKO. Shot in lurid technicolor, but sadly only have black and white stills.

Diana Dors - Femme Fatale

Diana Dors The Unholy Wife

Originally planned for Ethel Barrymore, who changed her mind and was replaced by Beulah Bondi

Diana Dors in The Unholy Wife

HALF-ANGEL......HALF-DEVIL, she made him HALF-A-MAN! Advertising copy for The Unholy Wife (1957)

Diana Dors and Rod Steiger

Shelly Winters was the top candidate for the lead role before it was given to Dors.


The working title was "The Lady and the Prowler" which doesn't have the pulpy vibe of "The Unholy Wife"

Femme Fatale Diana Dors

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