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Hollywood Pinup - Lucy Marlowe

Lucy Marlowe could have been Dianne Fosters kid sister. She had a fleeting career playing spunky cuties in 3 films with screenplays by Blake Edwards. Lucy is 4th billed with a small role as Ginger Rodgers friend in prison in the noir tinged "Tight Spot." She gets smacked by Joan Crawford in the melodramatic soaper "Queen Bee." After that she had a few television appearances in shows like Peter Gunn and Gunsmoke. After 16 credits she retired to become a housewife to Major League Baseball star Andrew Carey. Lucy Marlowe had one final bit part in the 1975 television show "The Blue Knight."

Lucy Marlowe Pinup
Lucy Marlowe Cheesecake Photos

Lucy shows off her super shapely gams in some classic pinup poses in these promotional photos for "Bring Your Smile Along." She appears with Frankie Lane and future Sam Fuller noir heroine Constance Towers.

Lucy Marlowe Cheesecake Pictures
Lucy Marlowe in 'He Laughed Last"

She costars again with Frankie Laine and looks fabulous in the Technicolor production. Blake Edwards spin on "Guys and Dolls." was Lucy's only leading role. Lucy Marlowe plays Rosemary "Rosie" LeBeau, a showgirl who inherits a mob run nightclub.

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Little Caesar! Scarface! Dillinger! and now BIG ROSEMARY! The Mob Czarina Who's Gonna Slay You in the Aisles! Chorus Girl Inherits Mob! Frankie's Her Singin' Bodyguard...And What a Body to Guard!

As showgirl Rosemary

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